Buying a home is easily one of the largest purchases a consumer makes. When considering such an
important investment, you should remember to protect your property rights. For a one-time fee, title
insurance protects your property rights for as long as you or your heirs own your home. By embracing
technology and utilizing a highly-experienced staff, Jax Title has built personal service right into our title
agency. Ensuring our customers have a smart and secure closing experience is the primary goal for Jax
Title. We want your focus to be on decorating your new home, making memories with family and not be
stressed about your closing or if your investment is protected.

Let us handle the difficult stuff. We will take care of details up front and keep an open line of
communication to help eliminate any questions or concerns you may have. In a world that is constantly
changing, Jax Title knows that being on the forefront of innovation is the best way to ensure your needs
are met, funds are secure and you receive world-class service.

Jax Title can provide you with a title search, title insurance and our smart secure closing services.

What is a title search?

We search and review public records and title documents related to your home before you buy.

Why do I need title insurance?

We help you get owner’s title insurance that protects your property rights and gives you peace
of mind.


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